CTC veneer stackers are designed to significantly reduce material waste and maximize production output.

From the infeed belt to the forklift pickup, they provide precision controls, ease of use, and a range of options for industry-leading cost savings and performance.

Precision Stacking Tools:

  • The patented digital skew-correction process aligns sheets on the fly to the leading edge, trailing edge, or centerline.
  • The patented baffled fan zone system allows per-bin vacuum level adjustment, virtually eliminating sheet placement errors due to pressure fluctuations along the length of the vacuum plenum.
    • The precision knockoff control system provides precise, damage free sheet placement in each stacking zone.
  • The patented piece tracking system identifies each piece prior to entering the stacker and tracks it through to the individual stack.
  • Adaptable to multiple and varied line speed requirements.
  • Multiple bin configurations to meet any sort requirements.